I think the camera is something of a nuisance in a way. It’s recalcitrant. It’s determined to do one thing and you may want to do something else. You have to fuse what you want and what the camera wants. It’s like a horse. Well, that’s a bad comparison because I’m not much of a horseback rider, but I mean you get to learn what it will do. I’ve worked with a couple of them. One will be terrific in certain situations, or I can make it be terrific. Another will be very dumb but sometimes I kind of like that dumbness. It’ll do, you know. I get a great sense that they’re different from me. I don’t feel that total identity with the machine. I mean I can work it fine, although I’m not so great actually. Sometimes when I’m winding it, It’ll get stuck or something will go wrong and I just start clicking everything and suddenly very often it’s all right again. That’s my feeling about machines. If one sort of looks the other way, they’ll get fixed. Except for certain ones.